Temporary Protected Status


Temporary Protected Status (TPS) allows foreigners from TPS-designated countries a chance to reside in the United States temporarily. TPS-designated countries are generally defined as having (a) an armed conflict, (b) an environmental disaster, (c) other extraordinary conditions. 


The current TPS-designated countries are:

 – El Salvador

 – Haiti

 – Honduras

 – Nepal

 – Nicaragua

 – Somalia

 – South Sudan

 – Sudan

 – Syria

 – Yemen


1. Must be from a TPS-designated country


2. Must have been continuously present in the US since the designation date


3. Must have been residing in the US since a specific date


4. Not be inadmissible or barred from asylum due to criminal/security reasons

Application Process

Step One: Form I-821

Main Form: The applicant must fill out Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status. He/she may also submit Form I-765, Request for Employment Authorization, to work.


Evidence: The applicant must provide evidence of (a) Identity and Nationality, (b) Date of Entry into the US, and (c) Continuous Residence in the US.

Step Two: Biometrics

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services may ask the applicant to take a biometrics exam at an Application Support Center if he/she is over 14. 

Step Three: Status Granted

If the USCIS reviews the application favorably, the applicant will get temporary residence in the United States. This status will typically last from 6 months to 18 months, and may be renewed if the native country’s war/disaster/etc. continues.

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