Stock Prediction [4]: article analysis (2/2) – Sentiment Analysis

Ethan Shaotran

Ethan Shaotran is an AI developer, researcher, and author of “Stock Prediction with Deep Learning.” He is the founder of Energize.AI, an informative platform on tech tutorials, future predictions, and research briefings.

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2 Responses

  1. Passing Through says:

    Is it as binary as positive or negative? Are there degrees of positive or negative sentiments?

    • Hi there. Our algorithm’s bag of words sentiment analysis model assigns each article text a score, which is simply calculated by subtracting the number of negative words from the number of positive words. A positive result means the article is most likely positive, while a negative result means the article is most likely negative. A very high positive/negative score means the article feels very strongly for or against the stock.

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